About Diana

Diana Brown Photography


Diana’s passion for photography stems from her early childhood. To embark on the arduous task of learning the craft, she began doing makeup for other photographers. As the vagaries of fate would have it, Diana’s path took a trajectory into an immensely successful career as a professional makeup artist for film and television. She won an Emmy and a Hollywood Guild Award for Best Makeup for the TV show “Alias.” Though she received this respect and accolades from her peers, Diana’s deepest love never left her. Between shows, she continued her education in photography, which lead to her passionate second career. Although she loves shooting a wide range of images, portraiture is a favorite.


 Combining her makeup talents with her love of photography, Diana launched an extraordinarily original "living art series" wherein she recreates great masterpieces.  This dynamic project will exhibit in the near future.  The original image was exhibited in a local show and awarded "Best Experimental." Most recently one of the Van Gogh images, landed her as one of the top 4 artists for "Art Project LA" in 2015.   Today, Diana continues her pursuit of her lifelong and foremost dream, photography, as well as continuing her makeup career in film and TV.   She has opened her own studio and she specializes in fine art portraiture, pets, and her unique “pregnant belly” shots that capture the soon to be mom in the glow of her pregnant state.